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Simple to use Contact Manger!

Your OPTIMUMTaste Virtual Office Contact Manager is easy to operate. Every lead no matter if it is imported, acquired from the system, or delivered through your personal website is automatically uploaded to your Contact Manager. Within your Contact Manager with one click you can control auto responders, sending samples and so much more.

We send your samples!

Your Leaders at Valentus have established a special low price for you to send Slim Roast Optimum Coffee product samples direct from your OPTIMUMTaste.com back office. The most important thing to remember is "YOU determine who gets your free sample." When someone fills out a request for a sample, they also accept our terms and conditions stating that they may or may not receive a sample. Click one button from your OPTIMUMTaste.com contact manager and your professional sample is sent! Your OPTIMUMTaste.com personal fulfillment center is effortless, when you qualify a contact worthy of a Slim Roast Optimum Coffee Sample. In the contact manager, with one click choose the Slim Roast Optimum Coffee Sample package which will be professionally arranged including: Slim Roast Optimum Coffee sample, usage directions, a return address label to appear as if you shipped it yourself, a customized cover letter with your prospects name, and a personal closing with all your contact information included.

Import your Prospect List!

You have the choice of individually entering prospects or uploading lists. Use all of the powerful OPTIMUMTaste.com features with your current list! If you are already developing or have a list of verified prospects you can use the simple import process and easily upload them into the contact manager of your OPTIMUMTaste.com office and one click sample sending is ready to go.

"WindowShop" Exclusive Slim Roast Optimum Coffee Leads!

Access Exclusive Slim Roast Optimum Coffee Leads with our Leadpick technology, were you can preview any lead before you buy it! Leave the marketing to us! We advertise on the internet and find people who are specifically interested in enjoying the rich taste of coffee and losing weight. For them to become a profile (lead) they must complete an extensive survey, complete with all contact information and then agree to be contacted by you. Your only goal when contacting these exclusive and high quality profiles is to qualify them to purchase your product if the sample worked for them. After you become a member of OPTIMUMTaste.com you will have access to view all the leads first before purchasing them. We call this "Window Shopping" for your leads. Imagine browsing through an online database of thousands of pre-qualified prospects and then choosing the exact leads you are looking for! This revolutionary concept is virtually unheard of in the lead industry.

Generate your own FREE Leads!

Create FREE leads from your own customized landing page! When using OPTIMUMTaste.com we give you the same lead capture ads that we use. You get your own self-replicated website that offers visitors the ability to request a free sample on your self-replicated website. After they complete the online survey, their information is automatically dropped into your contact manager (also included with your system) and you are notified in an email to tell you that you have just generated another FREE lead.

Prewritten auto-responders!

The moment you import, acquire an exclusive lead from our unique data base, or generate your own lead, the system will automatically send a series of customized emails that motivate and educate them about the value of Slim Roast Optimum Coffee. The powerful emails testimonials to make your sales delivery easier. The very 1st email is immediate, it introduces you, provides an valuable information, it encourages your prospects to learn more about Slim Roast Optimum Coffee and to order directly from your Valentus site! You can use our campaign of Auto Responders dedicated to Slim Roast Optimum Coffee or you can create your own emails with the simple to use system. The number of emails and the number of special campaigns that can be created with your system is unlimited.

Affordable Monthly Plans!

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LeadPick E-Mail Anti Spamming Disclaimer:

Please keep in mind when importing leads into your back office, that may qualify as business leads, that they indeed are OPT-IN.

Our Email server is a superlative service and does not allow spamming!

Our anti spam policy should be adhered to when sending emails from your back office, especially the area that relates to the sending of emails.

If you are in question as to your leads being opt-in leads, our email server recommends from your own email address/server and NOT your back office at OPTIMUMTaste.com the following;

  • You should send one message to all existing contacts, to ensure that the email address you have for that contact is current and not blocking your email address, if your email address is indeed being blocked by a contacts email address, we strongly recommend that you no longer attempt to contact them through that email address.

  • The system does allow you to edit a contacts information in the contact manager and if by some other means you acquire a new and functioning email address for a contact you can edit this information.

A requirement of our email server follows and must be followed by ourselves and all system users. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

"All email lists must be opt-in. You must be able to verify directly when and where each contact left you their email address. A PURCHASED LIST IS NEVER CONSIDERED OPT-IN AND IS NEVER ALLOWED ON OUR SYSTEM."

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